Download* or bower install colorwheel

A javascript color picker. The wheel is drawn using the Raphael js library. jQuery is used to assist with events. The wheel size is set on creation. It supports a small set of callbacks and touch events.

It was created for the UI at Fame Driver and distributed with a MIT license.

Hope you enjoy it – John Weir

Source available on Github. Run simple test suite.

* Requires jQuery and Raphael version 2.1.0 or greater.

Usage and methods

var cw = Raphael.colorwheel(dom_element, height_width [, segments]);
The wheel is drawn into a square, so only one dimension is required. segments is an option to increase, or decrease, the smoothness of the hue ring. 60 is the default.
cw.input(dom_element) ⇒ cw
Binds a text input for setting and receiving the color as a hex value. This will allow the user to input a hex value and update the wheel.
cw.onchange(callback) ⇒ cw
Set a callback for any change received. Callback takes one argument, a Raphael RGB color object.
cw.ondrag(start, stop) ⇒ cw
Set a start and stop callback for dragging. The callbacks take one argument, a Raphael RGB color object.
cw.color() ⇒ Raphael color object
Get the current color as RGB object
cw.color(hex_value) ⇒ cw
Set the current color via a hex value


Assigning an input to a colorwheel will allow the user to directly change the hex color value.

When the input is set the colorwheel will set its color to the input's value

Enter a hex value above
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Simple example using the callback to update an element's text and css.

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The wheel can be scaled to suit your needs. The large ring has larger number of segments, to make it smoother.

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A more advanced callback

When the color is changed a callback is used to change the colors of each letter below.

These letters will get cycled through... and through...
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